9 tips to lose weight after pregnancy

You’ve just given birth, that’s all! After more or less 9 months of pregnancy and twenty pounds, you’ve just given life, what a joy! One thought in your mind or almost (the child gets your full attention): Find your pointed figure. I have grouped basic principles here to help you achieve this goal.

But first, be sure to take into account the comments of your doctor and see what you can do with him. Childbirth is an extremely difficult ordeal, your body did a great exercise, but also a physical exercise. First of all, you need to rest and continue before you can customize the tip below.

Tip # 1: Work on your crotch

Being in the lower abdomen, it stretches like a hammock, from the pubis to the coccyx, its mission is to keep the organs in place. It is a very important muscle that should never be ignored for your comfort. After giving birth, the midwives will give you valuable contraction / relaxation exercises, first lying down. The frequency and duration are different for each woman. In a few weeks, you can start perineal rehabilitation.

Tip # 2: La Marche

Walking is ideal for a gentle recovery. Try starting with 10 minutes of walking a day, then 15, then 20, etc. This will do you good and will allow your body to avoid any shock.

Tip # 3: Drink

Water of course! A little advice – drink before you drink. On the other hand, pay attention to advice on everything that happens during hydration; This is not the only thing that will allow you to lose weight. You just need to make sure you are well hydrated. To do this, just look at your urine: except in the morning, if it is too dark, you must increase the amount you absorb.

Tip # 4: Eating habits

You may have noticed that during pregnancy you eat more than usual (and this was normal). Now that your baby is born, you need to keep track of the amounts to lose your pounds naturally. Be careful, this is not about eating less than you need, but about what you need. To help you, a simple but effective trick is to eat slowly so that you feel full faster. You can also drink a glass of water 10 minutes before meals to enhance the effect.

Another tip for the more organized: take a small notebook. During the week, your mission is to record everything, absolutely everything, that you eat: the contents and quantity of your meals, including snacks and drinks. This little nutritional survey will allow you to see what you are actually eating and visualize your surplus … You will see that there is an easy tendency to minimize differences! You can continue to use this method if it helps you to continue your efforts.

Tip # 5: Food

You can eat whatever you want, as long as you don’t go overboard. Some foods are higher in calories than others. Too much meat, bread, sugar, fat is clearly not recommended. Three daily meals (breakfast / lunch / dinner) should provide you with all the nutrients you need for the normal functioning of your body every day.

This corresponds to proteins (animal and vegetable), dairy or probiotics (good bacteria), lipids (oils, oilseeds, oily fish), fiber-rich carbohydrates, preferably (whole grains, legumes).

Tip # 6: Vive les couleurs!

Try to paint the plates as much as possible. Colors are synonymous with vitamins and minerals. The more you change the better. Add lemon train to your meals as soon as possible. Lemon helps in better absorption of nutrients.

Tip # 7: Take care of yourself

Get a massage! Use the cosmetic oil you like. The massage activates blood circulation. This creates a calming effect, relieves tension and also restores some skin elasticity. To do this: start at the ankles and go up to the knees, then to the hips. This is actually the direction of venous return; it helps to deplete and improve blood circulation.

Tip # 8: Improve your sleep quality

No one can tell you otherwise, becoming a parent is tiring! This tip also applies to your partner! After the whole family is asleep, do some breathing exercises to relieve stress and get ready for bed. Take slow, deep breaths into your belly, inhale through your belly and exhale through your nose. Clear your head. Don’t feel guilty if thousands of thoughts attack you. Let it come and then refocus on your breathing. You can count to 4 as you inhale and exhale to increase your focus.

Conseil # 9 : Motivation

Motivation should come from you. The desire to lose weight concerns only you. You will only be able to successfully complete this loss if it is your decision. If your partner tires you of losing pounds, stop immediately, it won’t work. The real motivation is to do it for yourself, for your self-esteem, for your health, not to please others.

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