How to stimulate growth hormone

A true quality of life hormone, growth hormone plays an important role in growth, metabolism, cell repair and body composition. It also improves physical strength and performance, helping the body recover from illness and injury. I am giving you everything you need to know about this hormone and how to naturally increase its levels in the body.

What is growth hormone?

Natural growth hormone is one of the many hormones produced by the pituitary gland. Also called somatotropin, it plays a critical role in human growth, cell multiplication and development , especially in children and adolescents. Its production peaks during adolescence and slowly decreases with age. Indeed, its concentration is usually low in adults (1 to 4 ng / ml), in contrast to what can be found in children (about 10 ng / ml) or in infants (30 to 70 ng / ml).

In children, growth hormone deficiency can lead to stunted growth and bone development. This type of pathology sometimes requires treatment aimed at direct administration of growth hormone.

In adult men and women, deficits, although rare, are characterized by decreased bone density and muscle mass. Therefore, it is essential for health and well-being and must be present in the correct amount in the body for many physiological processes to function optimally and so that “normal” tissue and muscle growth can be observed.

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Interest in bodybuilding and weight loss

Growth hormone is especially interesting for athletes, especially bodybuilders, as its main effects are rapid and effective development of muscle and bone mass , to stimulate anabolism and cell repair , although with side effects that can be very serious.

In practice, growth hormone increases the ability to burn fat, increases body weight, shortens recovery time and, at the same time, strengthens joints and ligaments as damaged tissues heal. It is most effective when combined with anabolic steroids, but its use is clearly prohibited in official competitions. And using it presents several dangers.

I do not recommend using growth hormones to lose weight because it is dangerous at first and more than that, although some studies have associated growth hormone injections.With fat loss and muscle gain, there is rarely a change in body weight after taking this hormone. However, as I suggest you see below, some diets promote both weight loss and growth hormone stimulation. Therefore, if you want to apply these diets to increase the secretion of growth hormone, you will definitely lose weight.

Natural methods to stimulate growth hormone

There are several ways to increase human growth hormone levels. Below I will not talk about plants or products containing growth hormone, but I will focus on natural, proven and safe methods.

intermittent fasting

Numerous studies have shown that human growth hormone levels increase by over 300% after 2-3 fasting days, peaking at 1250% after a week. But since intermittent fasting is harmful to the body and not sustainable over the long term, intermittent fasting is the most common dietary approach.
A common method of intermittent fasting is to divide the day into periods. precise nutrition and fasting. In any case, this diet allows you to effectively lose weight and optimize human growth hormone levels.

Reducing sugar consumption

Since insulin levels are inversely proportional to growth hormone levels, the latter can therefore be optimized by reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars. Indeed, in a healthy person, the level of growth hormone is 3-4 times higher than in a diabetic; especially since excessive sugar consumption is a key factor in obesity and weight gain.
Therefore, I advise you to choose a balanced diet as it has a profound effect on your health, your hormones and your body composition.

High intensity exercise

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to increase growth hormone levels. The increase will depend on the type of exercise being performed, its intensity, and food intake during exercise. While all types of exercise are beneficial, high-intensity efforts stimulate growth hormone production.

For this purpose, I recommend repetitive sprints, high-intensity interval training, strength training, or trail endurance training. You will kill two birds with one stone, as your growth hormone levels will increase and you can maximize your fat loss.

My opinion on taking HGH supplements

There are two types of HGH supplements: legal and unacceptable.

My advice: postpone all illegal methods of direct injection of growth hormones, because the dangers are many. Indeed, you will stimulate the growth of both your muscles and all your organs and limbs. You run the risk of acromegaly, which leads to a thickening of the jaw as well as the forehead and arms. Plus, taking HGH increases your risk of heart and kidney disease.


What follows is a legal and safe alternative to dietary supplements that will stimulate natural growth hormone production. Growth hormone boosters are composed of various amino acids that can stimulate natural growth hormone production.

These nutritional supplements are not important to your progress, but can be interesting in the long run. If the topic interests you, I wrote another article on growth hormones, in which I give the recommended legal and natural product.

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